Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen handle the business and financial affairs of the Town of Loudon.  The Board meets every Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Building directly beside the Town office.

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    2008 Annual Town Report - 2008 Annual Report
2009 Annual Town Report - 2009 Annual Report
2010 Annual Town Report - 2010 Annual Report
2011 Annual Town Report - 2011 Annual Report
2012 Annual Town Report - 2012 Annual Report
2013 Annual Town Report - 2013 Annual Report
Gazebo Request Form - Form for - Gazebo Guidelines - For use of the Arthur E. McNeil III Memorial Gazebo and request form
2014 - 2016 Holiday Hours - Holiday Office Hours
Intent to Excavate Gravel Form - Intent to Excavate GravelForm
Outdoor Facility Use Agreement and Release/Indemnification Form - Outdoor Facility Use Agreement - This form is to be used when a group, individual, or organization requests to utilize the Town of Loudon Outdoor Facilities/Gazebo/Recreation Fields.
Winter Parking Reminder - Public Notice - Winter Parking Reminder
Facilities Rental Agreement - Rental Agreement Form for the Community Building/Charlies Barn and Town Hall. Please note the change. Loudon Residents rental fee remains $50 per calendar day and Non-residents will be $100 per calendar day. The $150 security deposit remains the same.
Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form (PA-7 Form DRA) - Timber Tax: In 2013, DRA changed the process for filing the Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form. Please utilize the attached form and return it to the Selectmen's Office (29 South Village Rd) P O Box 7837, Loudon, NH 03307 or via e-mail at
Timber Tax Worksheet - Timber Tax: This form can either be filed when an Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form or a Report of Wood or Timber Cut Form is filed with the Selectmen’s Office. This form MUST be received at the Selectmen’s Office in order to process the Timber Tax due on a logging operation.
Office Hours - Town of Loudon Office Hours
General Assistance Application - Welfare Application - Welfare - General Assistance Application

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Date Event Time Location Info
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 Tuesday, December 23, 2014   Selectmen's Meeting   6:00 PM   Community Building - Charlie's Barn   
 Tuesday, December 30, 2014   Selectmen's Meeting - Meeting cancelled   6:00 PM   Community Building - Charlie's Barn  agenda

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Name Title Phone E-Mail Term Length Term Expiration
Bonnie Theriault  Office Assistant  798-4541    
Brenda Pearl  Office Manager  798-4541    
Dustin Bowles  Selectman  798-4541    2016 
Robert P. Krieger  Selectman  798-4541    2017 
Steven R. Ives  Chairman  798-4541    2015 

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    Do I have to be on the agenda?
No, but if a meeting is running long, the Board may, at its discretion, choose to see you the next week.

How do I get on the agenda?
Call the Town Office (798-4541) and ask to be placed on the agenda. Please call by Thursday of the previous week. You'll be asked the reason you'd like to meet with the Board so the Board will have the chance to "do its homework" before you come in.

How many selectmen are there?
There are 3.

How often does the Board meet?
Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Building behind the Town Office. The second Tuesday of each month the Board of Permit meets.

What if I have questions about my property assessment?
You can find information here for contacting the Assessor.

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    Abatement forms, Board of Tax and Land Appeals Forms


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State forms: Current Use, Conservation Restriction, Land Use, Easement forms

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