Loudon Communications Council Social Media Guidelines for the Town of Loudon Website and The Loudon Ledger Community Facebook Page

The purpose of this policy is to clearly state that both the Town of Loudon Website and the Loudon Ledger Facebook Page are not sites for a public forum on communication and debate. They are to provide a comprehensive source of information and education about business, government and community organizations within the Town of Loudon but do encourage informed citizen participation.

The Town of Loudon Website Manager shall establish procedures to monitor the implementation and continuing oversight of this policy and shall include a process to review all public requests to the website coupled with a periodic review of ‘Links’ to an external website. The quality of information presented on the Town`s Website plays an important role in shaping the image of the Town therefore a concise policy statement needs to be in place. All questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Website Manager, Kathy Pitman (contact information below) who will respond directly to the questions raised.

The goal is to handle questions, comments and replies made by the public according to the following standards. Comments and materials that will not be permitted are as follows:-

  • Comments or subject matter not related to the specific purpose of the Website or the Facebook Page.
  • Comments in support of or opposition to political campaigns or political advertising.
  • Content containing profane language.
  • Content that fosters any kind of discrimination.
  • Comments or content regarding illegal activity.
  • Comments or content that compromises public safety.
  • Content that violates local, state and Federal Laws, ordinances or regulations.

Contact Kathy Pitman at Loudonwebmaster@comcast.net