Old Home Day Info


When is Old Home Day?

Old Home Day will be held Saturday, August 11, 2018

Is there Music & Dance?

Yes, from 7-11 p.m. with a break for fireworks

Can our pet come?

No, there are no pets allowed.

Is there a parade? When?

Yes, the parade begins at 10:00 - leading the way are antique cars and motorcycles followed by the rest of the parade. For more information, contact Susan Gelinas (603)783-9272 or Tammy Bourque (603) 219-4809. * (the parade is just one parade now – antique cars and motorcycles will start off the main parade) NO POLITICAL ENTRIES ACCEPTED

How do I get a booth spot?

Contact any of the Committee Members for details

How do I enter the Bake Contest?

For entry and category information, see The Loudon Ledger.

What is this year's theme for Old Home Day?


How do I nominate someone for Citizen of the Year?

All you need to do is obtain a Citizen of the Year form from any Committee Member, from the insert in the Loudon Ledger, or request one by sending a note to P O Box 7050, Loudon, NH 03307